Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The purpose of this Empower the UN Blog is to inspire and encourage everyone to take local actions on global issues toward a peaceful and sustainable future!

Here you can publish your activities, news, events and links. Share your ideas and experiences so the world will know what you're doing! Build local and regional networks and support each other!

Linking our ideas and actions together will create a powerful Peoples Voices for Peace!

Let's work together and expand The Voices of the People! Thank you!


PeoplesVoice1 said...

Welcome to the blog world!

The Empower The UN blog creates a new space for global exchange, support and inspiration.

Please add your thoughts on this discussion topic:

What actions are you and/or your group taking locally? What kind of support do you need?

Thank you!!

Sue Zipp said...

What are the most effective ways to ensure the voice of the people are heard by global leaders?

adeversole said...

I would write letters to my local public officals lead by liberal members of the U.S. Senate and House of Represenatives because, as we progress, this cause will become reality at a point in time. Why not just show support now? Thanks.

koyablog said...

Hi Sue,

It was a pleasure meeting you today which led to visiting the EmpowerThe UniteNations website and this blog.

I have also signed up as a new member and look forward to actively participating in the meetings and activities.

I wanted share with all readers that I am from the Fiji Islands which has been plagued by multiple military coups in the past two decades which in is a violation of human rights and against the democractic process.

It boils down to peace and social justice.

In addtion, I am a member of the world-wide peace-loving Ahmadiyya Muslim Associattion a group that has been persecuted, jailed, murdered in its own home country Pakistan and more recently Indonisea and Bangladesh.

It is troubling for me to be have been subjected the coup culture and persecuted on the basis faith eating right into our basic human rights.

I also lead Humanity International Us as an advocacy for social, economic and human liberties which is where we come on the same page.

An interfaith activitist in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am :

* Editor-publisher of the Fiji Sun

* Director of AIM, American Institute of Management

* Director of Islamic Interfaith Forum

* Former lecturer in criminal law and police administration at the Royal Fiji Police.

* Editor of The Muslim News.

* Writer in Helium forum.

* Chair of the Fiji Media Foundation.

* International Press Council

* Director Interfaith America